Monday, 27 February 2017

My Return To Blogger

It's been a while since I've written a post on Blogger, but figured it was time to finally update and say hello again! As stated on the photo, obviously. As well as having a blog on Wordpress, I wanted to make sure I didn't neglect this one because it has seemed like that. But anyway, my blog is here to stay and I'll be sure to update this more frequently as the year goes by. It's been a crazy few months, some of it has been great and some things have been less than pleasant. I suppose all one can do is be optimistic but not idealistic. Although, that seems easier than done nowadays. Hopefully, it gets a little easier, would be nice with a break once in a while. Life is pretty dull at the moment so I can't share any interesting stories for which I apologize. What I can do, however, is wish you a good week ahead and a great 2017 overall. The one thing my heart is excited about though, is the fact that I'm seeing Ariana Grande live in Birmingham on the 18th of May! Ah, my first concert and it's this one!

Fan-girl emotions aside, I'm trying to contain my excitement but I've been a fan for many years.

Dangerous Woman is also my favorite Ariana Grande album, and I know all the lyrics to the songs; which makes this twice as exciting, more than I can describe to you. But um, enough of my emotional mess.

Have a good night, take care and speak to you soon!

Yours Truly,


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Putting Together A Book Of Poetry Is Not Easy

I used to think it was as simple as printing off sheets of paper and drawing a figure or so to go along with what I had written, but it turned out to be a creative block for me, I now find it hard to write at all. I know creativity has no limits, but the mind certainly does, and it's frustrating for me because I live for writing, it keeps me sane, calms me down if I have a lot to think about or just life in general.

I learned a lot of things in this journey of writing poetry for a book I have yet to make a reality true
there is so much I didn't even comprehend when it came to deciding to make my dreams worthwhile.

Oh sure, write a poem and suddenly you're a writer. I'll admit, I'm not the best at finding the words
neither do I brag about my work because it's a constant work in progress, it will never be perfect
and that's something I definitely struggle to acknowledge when my thoughts are on overdrive.

I think the reality of creating a piece of work straight from my heart to you is what scares me
this needs to be a wonderful debut piece, otherwise it'd be nothing but a few words I wrote.

This needs to be something I am one hundred percent proud of & want to show off to the world
instead of a rushed bit of poetry that sounds nowhere as great as it could have done if I had focus.

I admire the ones who have published and continue to do so, I wish I had that motivation in life
but sometimes the anxiety of showing my brutally honest pieces seems a little too much to bear
and I'm sure most people can relate to that. I mean, it's about creating work you're so proud of.

For years, I've been anonymously writing & posting on different websites, all because I didn't want
to associate my identity with it, especially at the rough time in life, I felt that would be too much.

When I definitely debut my work, I want it to be raw honesty & heartfelt emotions all wrapped in one. All I want is to create a piece of work that I can proudly call mine & be happy with the result.

I have no idea when or how I will complete this, but it's something I constantly think about often.

There's one thing I am sure of; theme, title, the cover is yet to be seen.

Three parts, one story. Fingers crossed that I get this done.

Love, M.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Reckless Heart

A loving heart can easily be destroyed, it can easily fall & break into a million pieces
I always play it off like it never matters, but it usually is a big part of why I am hurt.

You can state your own version of events & I will continue to think about mine.
Maybe, or perhaps - love is a fragile yet strong word to define, mostly it's untouched
because, honestly; you can't define what you truly do not understand in terms of depth.

I've never truly known what to do with it, do I play it cool or do I spill my emotions
and the very truth is, it's hard knowing what to do when you're lost enough as it is.

Mixed feelings are kind of like the shots I take to burn my feelings away, and literally.

I breathed you in like the oxygen I live for and now I'm basically living with my choice made
but ultimately, you can't regret what made your life kind, even if it was temporary & bittersweet
I don't regret but I do wish I had been more cautious in taking my time with you, as I'm now stuck.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Hands Of Poetry; Introduction

To follow through with your dreams is one of the most challenging tasks,
and I know this better than anyone because that's what I'm facing.

It's an intimidating cycle of ''am I good enough?'' and ''will I succeed?''
Which, in most cases, people are only as lucky as the universe wants.

My dream is unrealistic to a few, more of a dream than reality,
but it's never wrong to embrace your talents and passions-
for the most part; that is what makes you different.
If standing out means taking more risks in life, so be it.
let yourself be free in the aspect of creativity; artfully speaking,
and let there be no boundaries in your blossoming process.

My dream in this case, is my desire to publish a book.
I know it sounds crazy, but poetry makes me feel alive.

As a child, I was entangled in this vivid imagination
that only surfaced after my first heartbreak
but ironically enough, that was a start.

I began reading intensely into the whole thing
poetry books became a big part of my life
from that point on and I knew in my heart
this is what I wanted to do with life.

I wanted to create, it was my destiny
it felt like that from the very start.

From the age of 13 and so forth
it became a need to write
I took great pride in what I believed
which made me even more determined
to prove myself good enough.

Throughout the last 3 years,
I've found myself going through
difficult times of darkness, isolation
and most of all, unrequited love.

Emotions were building as I fell apart
and soon enough, drastic measures were taken
but as you can hear, I'm slowly recovering.

Since then, I took every ounce of bad
and created something worth the read.

As many will understand, it wasn't always
good like how others wrote or spoke
but it was true, raw emotion
no filtered words.